Aero Club


Monday - Friday

7:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Walk -Ins

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Closed Holidays, Safety Days, and Training Days.





The Cannon AFB Aero Club is the newest Aero Club in 30 years!

Earn a pilot's license, become a flight instructor or put your mechanic skills to use as a technician!

Air Force Cool Fund

The Air Force Cool Program is a pathway for enlisted members to earn industry recognized certifications and licenses.

AF COOL allows enlisted Airmen an available fund of $4,500, a one-time spend while active duty.

With the Aero Club, this pays for:

  • Study materials and books up to $500
  • Flight instructor and simulator time
  • Student flight time + Check ride
  • Ground school + Written exam

Membership Fees

- Membership Fee:

One-time Initiation Fee $50.00

- Membership Dues:

Monthly $35.00, Annually $385.00

- Available Aircraft:

$150.00 per hour (wet)

- Instruction (Hourly Rate):

Flight Instructor $40.00

& Ground Instructor $30.00

- Ground School Kits:

Private Pilot $430.00



- All Branches of Service

- Active Duty

- Active Reserve

- Retired Military/ DoD Civilians

- Advanced ROTC


- National Guard

Civil Air Patrol

- Contract Personnel

- Dependents

- DoD Employees

- FAA Employees

- Federal Employees