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If you long for the outdoors but don't have all the equipment needed, don't worry! With a seemingly endless inventory, ODR can get you squared away for the perfect weekend trip at rates that are sure to ease your mind!

About Us

Outdoor Recreation (ODR) provides low cost rentals for a range of items including camping gear, sports equipment, BBQ and catering equipment, inflatable bouncy toys, lawn and garden equipment, ski and snowboarding equipment, and much more to anyone with base access. Also available for rent are boats and campers. Call Outdoor Rec and find out the requirements for renting a boat.

Adventure Calls

Outdoor Recreation offers outdoor adventures for every season--summer, spring, fall and winter.  Don't miss skiing and snowboarding on some of New Mexico's best snow capped mountains, go for a horseback ride and enjoy the scenery of the Lincoln National Forest or enjoy a glass of wine and learn the history of wine making.  

Contact Outdoor Recreation to find out what places they will explore next.

Information & Equipment

- Ski/Snowboard Edging/Waxing

- Disc Golf

- Unity Park Pavilion Rental

- Doc Stewart Pavilion Rental

- Bouncy Houses & Lawn Toys

- BBQ & Catering Equipment

- Sumo Suits

- Cornhole Boards/Bags