Honor Guard


Monday - Friday

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM



These hand-picked professionals render military honors for deceased Air Force personnel during funeral services as well as perform details at military ceremonies, parades, opening ceremonies, and other appropriate community events attended by the general public.

About Us

The Honor Guard supports 64,000 square miles in 34 counties throughout New Mexico and Texas. This elite group is always looking for new members to train with and join them. The mission of the Cannon AFB Honor Guard is to represent every Airman by providing top-notch, professional military support to the base, local community and surrounding areas with honor and dignity.

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All We Have To Offer

To request the Cannon AFB Honor Guard for a ceremony or funeral service, please complete and submit all requests to the Cannon AFB Honor Guard office. Make sure to include the DD-214 or documentation that clearly shows the individual was discharged under honorable conditions when requesting funeral honors.

Please understand that funerals are congressionally-mandated and take precedence over all other Cannon AFB Honor Guard activities. Non-funeral requests may be declined or canceled if requests for funeral honors are submitted that conflict with the dates and times of those events. Contact us at (575) 784-6996 during duty hours or (575) 825-9830 during non-duty hours.

Join the Honor Guard

If you think you have what it takes to be selected for the Cannon AFB Honor Guard program or have any questions, please visit us during normal office hours or contact us at (575) 784-6996.