School Liaison


Building 300

Cannon AFB, NM 88103


Office 575-904-6117

Cell 575-284-5609

Are you inbound to Cannon with kiddos? Are you worried about getting your kids into school with as little trouble as possible? Contact us and we can get all your education questions answered. Don't feel overwhelmed - we are standing by to assist you with this transition!

About Us

As the School Liaison, one of our responsibilities is to assist you with any school related questions you may have regarding your children's education and provide a smooth transition for all school related issues. We are here to provide information on public, private, and home schooling opportunities for your family. This includes assistance with special educational services for school age and pre-school children. In addition, we can provide information on the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children. This compact provides support for children during school transitions. In addition we have attached some educational resources that are available to you. Our POC contact information is listed below should you have any questions.

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On Base Childcare

If you are in need of on-base child care at the Child Development Center (CDC) or the School-Age Care (SAC) and wish to a submit request for care, please be advised that all requests for care must be submitted through You will need to create an account and once you have completed this step, you will be able to search the system for the best child care option for your family and submit your request for care. For further assistance please contact at 1-855-696-2934. Additional care options may be available through off-base agencies. Please let us know if you would like more information on those programs.

Family Child Care

The Air Force Aid Society authorizes parents 20 hours (per child) of "free" child care in a Family Child Care (FCC) home 60 days before they depart and 60 days after they arrive. If you are in need of child care for PCS, please contact the Airman & Family Readiness Center (575) 784-4228, and a staff member will assist you in getting you a certificate for child care. You may then contact Mr. Rudy McGriff, FCC Coordinator, for information on our current Air Force Certified FCC homes (575) 784-2704.

Youth Programs

If you have questions about Youth Programs for children 9-18 or the youth sponsorship program, you can contact Ms. Desiree Sena or Ms. Monique Hyman. They can be reached at (575) 784-6833 or via e-mail at or The link below will provide more information in regards to the youth center.